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Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate relationships, whether it's a special someone, a close friend, or your family. We commonly give gifts of cards, candy and flowers.

We know sugar is not good for us and many of us are allergic to flowers. So, rather than turning to your go-to chocolates, flowers or conversation hearts, why not gift a pure essential oil to your Valentine? Below are eight essential oils to show that special someone just how much you care about their health!


The rose is the most common flower associated with love. This antibacterial/antifungal essential oil is known for reducing pain and menstrual discomfort and decreasing anxiety and depression.


Geranium essential oil is a favorite choice of mine, especially on Valentine’s Day because of its sweet floral scent. It is wonderful for the skin and is known for speeding up healing and reducing scar marks.


Neroli essential oil has a wonderful citrus scent. Similar to orange blossoms, Neroli is used often during wedding ceremonies because it’s known to stimulate romantic feelings. It is known for lowering inflammation and pain, reducing stress and improving menopause symptoms.


Jasmine essential oil has been used for years for its aphrodisiac properties. It’s floral, exotic fragrance is said to arouse feelings of passion and desire. It is used to reduce cough, relieve insomnia and relax spasms.


Sandalwood essential oil is another great oil that will inspire love on Valentine’s Day. This oil is perfect for men thanks to its woodsy exotic scent. It’s a great oil to inhale to ease the body and mind into a relaxation. Also known for its anti-aging properties, it promotes mental clarity.


This sensual oil can enhance your sexual experience while also balancing emotion and boosting mood. It is also known to reduce depression, alleviate anxiety, lower blood pressure and stimulate oil production in the skin.


Clary Sage essential oil is one of those love-it or hate-it oils. With its herbaceous woodsy scent, it won’t appeal to everyone. It has strong anti-inflammatory effects, can improve digestion/circulation, and boost creativity and inspirational thoughts.


Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation, so if you’re tired and stressed and need a good night’s sleep, this is the oil for you! It also relieves digestive issues, headache pain and PMS symptoms.


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