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Welcome to the Year of the Dragon!

Updated: May 6

Happy Chinese New Year!

Friday, February 10, 2024,  is the start of Chinese New Year, and we will welcome the year of the Wood Dragon until January 28, 2025!

2023 was the year of the Water Rabbit, which typically signals a time of vital essence, spiritual communication, maturity and deep emotions. We have learned these past 3 years how to care for our health and weather a global pandemic. 2023 brought progress against the Covid virus and its variants, but also the rise of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV.) Our health and strong immune systems continue to be a priority as we continue to be exposed challenging viruses.

In Chinese culture, the Dragon is a supernatural being who symbolizes wisdom, power, nobleness, honor, luck and success; it is also a Yang symbol associated with fire. The Wood element is known to be the mother of Fire element. This powerful relationship between Wood and Fire can be compared to spark and flame, signifying the power to transform something small into an important, positive event. The Wood Dragon will open new doors of opportunities for everyone, making 2024 a time of growth, abundant fortune and fulfillment.


Yang Wood is related to Liver energy. Pay attention to wood related health issues that involve the Liver and the body’s nervous, endocrine, and metabolic systems. From the Chinese medicine perspective, when the Liver functions smoothly, physical and emotional activity throughout the body also runs smoothly.


Whatever plans you have for the year of the Wood Dragon, I hope the year brings you much joy, laughter and love. As we say in Chinese, 新年快樂! (xin nian kuai le), or Happy New Year to you all! I wish you a prosperous, happy, and healthy year.


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